Winter Holiday Ideas

4 Holiday Ideas For A Brit In Winter

Winter is settling in an it can be a little depressing.

There is nothing to do outside because it is too cold, and nothing to do inside because…

Well, maybe there is tv to be watched, but you would rather be out and about, right?

Maybe it is time to start thinking about a winter getaway. A nice wintery retreat or perhaps a little spot in the sun?

Here are a few ideas to get your travel desires burning!

Winter Vacations In Europe

There are a lot of places you could go in Europe in winter, but for me, quintessentially it must be Switzerland.

Switzerland Travel in Winter

With so many stunning mountains and amazing scenery, how can you go past it.

And another great plus is that if you get up high, often it is blue skies all the way!

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland, I can only whole-heartedly recommend you check out this guide. That should get you started with planning your trip!

And if you want to learn even more, you can’t go past the main tourist website in Switzerland,

Austria Is A Cheaper Option

While Switzerland is for those without a care for the budget, Austria is your best mountain holiday destination if you have to worry about money.

With the Euro being a little cheaper, it certainly helps. But just generally things are cheaper and more value for money than in Switzerland (although to be fair, you can still find reasonably priced places).

If you want to know where to go in Austria, aside from just heading to the standard old St Anton, here is a guide I suggest you read.

There are lots of options, many of which are within easy driving distance of airports. And they have great family packages too!

The Dolomites Are Amazing

Don’t forget poor old Italy when it comes to winter getaways. It is not just a place to head for the heat in summer!

Italy and the Dolomites in particular are spectacular. I have never seen such gob smacking scenery and used my camera so much as over there.

There are also quite a few resorts to choose from which you can peruse at your leisure on this website.

Catch Some Sunshine In The Canaries

Last, but certainly not least, are the Canaries. Very popular with us Brits and for good reason.

Even in winter the temperatures stay in their 20s and you can usually find reasonably priced accommodation and things to do, even over christmas and new year.

So, if you want sun and warmth, instead of sun and cold/action, then find out which of the Canary Islands is right for you.

My Recommendation

To be honest, I can’t give you a recommendation as it depends on your budget, preferences and what you like to do.

But, with the above 4 choices, you certainly cannot go wrong!

Too Many British in Spain?

This is just a short rant of a post due to my recent visit to the beaches of Spain.

Unfortunately my fellow Englishmen have taken over the Costa Brava and some of the Canary Islands, and it is no longer a pleasure to visit places that have English culture thrust upon them instead of their own.

I do not understand why these people insist on ruining such lovely places. Why instead do they not make use of this great website and find some great places to visit within the UK and enjoy the Fish and Chips available at home !

I know it is not fair to say or to stop my fellow countrymen from going abroad and enjoying the sun. I appreciate their need for some rays, which we do not really receive, even in the height of summer. But for the love of god, we do not need to overrun such places and destroy the reasons we go there in the first place.

Anyway, that is enough for today!

Enjoy your next holiday, wherever it may be. And perhaps consider taking a lovely long weekend somewhere in the UK?

Great Places To Visit in Kent

For many people Kent is just a place that is close to London.

But in reality there are some amazing places to see in Kent and people are missing out on them because they just don’t know.

So in this quick guide, I am going to show you some of the best places to see in Kent. Whether it is just for a quick getaway from London, or a weeks holiday. There is more than enough to fill your time.

Attractions in Kent

Who would have thought that there are so many amazing things to do in Kent? And one of the things that you would not imagine you could even visit in the UK today is a winery!

Wine in the Heart of Kent

Located in the heart of Kent is the Chapel Down Winery  at Tenterden Vineyard which is the biggest English wine producer today . If you would like, you can take a guided tour and learn in detail how they grow make their wine.

On top of this you can also enjoy the surroundings and purchase some of the products available in their food and wine store! What better way to end a tour than with some produce in hand.

They also have a wine bar and a bistro serving food, so if you have time at the end of the tour, you can have lunch or dinner and sample some of the goodies available.

steam train kent

Vintage Steam Trains

There are a number of options when it comes to steam trains in Kent. They guys at Kent Video Production have highlighted on the best options in the area with the: Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway.

You can also catch al ride on a vintage steam engine in Tenterden Northiam Bodiam by making a visit to the Kent & East Sussex Railway. The trains they have are amazing, and a real trip back into history. They are vintage trains  from the Victorian times.

Both these locations also have great parking options, along with a museum and gift shops and areas for the children to play if they get bored with the trains. They also offer refreshments and food if you are not full already from visiting the winery!

Cider Works

If you have not had enough to drink with the wine, or are perhaps more inclinced to drink cider, then you are going to enjoy the Biddenden Vineyards & Cider Works just west of Wealden village of Biddenden.

Make sure you check out  the winery and shop. It showcases a 17th century cider press and you can sample wines, Kentish ciders and their homemade apple juice as well. If you want a full tour, then don’t worry as they have guides on hand to show you around.

Dover Castle Kent

Dover Castle

A real must see in the Kent area is the Dover Caslte. Dating back to the Roman times (kind of like Bath) it was taken over as a place for defense during World War II. It contains loads of cool tunnels, combined with the white cliffs of Dover. It really is a stunning and historical place to visit for the whole family.

Walmer Castle and Gardens

Going back in time to the Tudor era, you will want to stop by the Walmer Castle and Gardens, which is currently the country residence of the Cinque Ports.

It contains some stunning gardens such as the Queen Mother’s Garden, which are not to be missed from those with a green thumb. It was also once used as a  residence for the Duke of Wellington and the Queen Mother. 

So now you can see why there are so many amazing sights and attractions to visit in Kent. You really must head on down for a weekend or holiday the next chance you get.


Amazing Bath – Culture, History and Architecture

roman baths - Bath, SommersetIf you have never visited the south west of England and had the chance to stumble across towns like Bath, then you are certainly missing out on some of the best places in the UK.

Bath is absolutely full of history, a lot of it Roman, and is simply a great place to just stroll around on a sunny afternoon and soak up the atmosphere.

Don’t Miss the Hot Springs

Bath, yes hence the name, is famous for it’s Roman baths that make use of the natural hot springs.

In ancient times these were places where the Romans met and socilalised as well as simply washed. So a kind of two in one.

The baths were popularized in the Georgian times, and have only continued to grow in popularity to what they are today. Albeit for very different reasons.

Architecture To Die For

If you are into architecture, or just seeing historical buildings, then Bath will not disappoint you by any means.

Much of the Georgian architecture is still quite obvious today, and many of the best companies in the area are using these buildings as working offices.

Not only that, but a lot of the accommodation (hotels and B&Bs) are located in these buildings. SO it really is living and breathing history when you go to Bath for a visit.

There really is a great mix of architectural history in Bath with not only the Georgian on display and being used, but also some of the ancient roman history with the Roman Baths being the most obvious of those.

In fact, if you miss the Roman Baths while you are in Bath, then you are missing the point of being there in my opinion. But that is indeed only an opinion.

Word Heritage Bath

Bath is lucky to have a few World Heritage sites on offer when you go there, so don’t miss any of them. One of the others that you will want to visit is the amazing Abbey. It has been World Heritage listed for over 20 years and is quite a stunning piece of architecture.

Historically it was known as The Abbey Church of Saint Peter, Bath, but is today known simply as the Bath Abbey. It is an extremely prominent piece of Gothic architecture and one of the most stunning in the West today.

It can accommodate up to 1,200 people, and is a building that is still used for regular services today.

When you look at it you will probably not notice, but it has undergone a number of restoration projects over the years. But what historical building today has not.

Bath’s Culture

Although Bath is all about the Baths and the history, don’t forget that there is always a lot of cultural things going on in the city. Bath is one of the major places on the cultural scene in the UK today.

There are five theaters in town, which not many places in the world can boast. And this means that a lot of amazing and famous shows are on in Bath at any one time during the year. But during the yearly theatre season, you will be shocked at the choice and calibre of shows on offer.

Then there is organ concerts that take place in the Abbey and the annual Bath International Music Festival that are great attractions in and of themselves.

So I hope I have given you a taste of what is on offer in the south west, in Bath. It is not only an architectural and historical gem, but a cultural one as well. Head on over soon!

Need Help Finding Accommodation in Cornwall?

cornwall cottage help

Cornwall is one of the most ideal holiday destinations in the UK. And I try to say that without bias,  can assure you. I was not born there, that is for sure.

It has almost anything you can ask for in a holiday location:

  • it’s warm most of the time
  • The weather is dependable
  • It has beaches with temperate waters
  • There is a lot of beautiful scenery
  • Lots of history to see
  • Plenty of family entertainment
  • Great places to eat
  • And a lot more

If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable way to find accommodation in such an idyllic place, then holiday cottages are the way to go.

Holiday Cottages in Cornwall

When you rent something like a holiday cottage, you have the freedom to do what you want, eat in if you like, and of course you don’t have the noisy neighbours issue.. And in many hotels, with poor insulation, that is a major issue in my opinion.

You also do not have to eat in the hotel, so you can save money as well. What a great combination if I do say so myself.

What are you looking for in a cottage?

The first thing you need to know is what you are looking for in your holiday accommodation.

You could be coming away on a romantic getaway, with friends or with the whole family. And all of these things determine what size and facilities you might be looking for.

So for example you will need to consider:

  •  how many rooms you need.
  • is the accommodation child friendly (safeguards, stairs, cots etc)
  • or is it elderly friendly (stairs, bathrooms etc)

All of these things need to be considered and asked before you book anything, because once you get there it is very much too late. In a hotel, they will have many of these things as standard, but not in a rental.

Child Friendly Areas

When you bring along the kids there are a lot of things you need to consider too. You need to keep them entertained and fed.

So for example:

  • Do you have easy access to shops and facilities
  • Are there play areas around
  • Are there child friendly activities in the area
  • Are there child friendly restaurants
  • Can you bring your pets along (often great for the kids)

Couples Weekends

Romantic breaks are another thing altogether. You will be wanting completely different facilities and have different requirements for your time away.

Some of the things you might look and ask for are:

  • A place with a romantic charm
  • An isolated location so you can enjoy the peace
  • A little bit of class and luxury in the facilities
  • Romantic restaurants in the area

Young Friends Getaway

On the other hand, if you are a group of young friends out for a bit of partying or a great weekend away, you will want to check some other things on the list.

The kinds of things you are looking for include:

  • Plenty of rooms so you all get privacy
  • Lots of space to cook and entertain
  • Plenty of bars in the area
  • Enough outdoor space to entertain if the weather allows
  • Perhaps a little distance from the neighbours so you can party all night

There are loads of options when it comes to holiday cottages, but you need to do a little bit of research and planning ahead of time to ensure you break is the best it can be.

If you take the above into account, it will certainly take you down the right path for the perfect getaway in Cornwall.

3 Perfect UK Holiday Ideas

When it comes time to take a break and head off on holidays, sometimes you do not need to go abroad.

Sometimes, the best holiday destinations are right on your doorstep, here in the UK.

So in the post I want to show you some of the perfect holiday destinations we have available to us.

lake district

Lake District – Perfect for Walkers

If you enjoy a walk or even a scramble, there is nowhere better in the UK than the Lake District.

Some of the more popular destinations in the Lake District, but perhaps not ideal if you want to avoid the tourists, are Windermere and Ambleside.

Obviously these kinds of locations have the great facilities, and abundance of restaurants, but that is not always what you are after.

For those looking for something a little different, why not try Glenridding. It is very popular with walkers.

There are so many trails for walkers, from young to old, skilled to inexperienced.
If you’re up for a significant challenge, it’s also very close to England’s third highest mountain, Helvellyn. This is certainly not for everyone, but a great thing to conquer nonetheless.

St Andrews Gold

St Andrews – Scotland – A Golfing Classic

Quite the lively university town, St Andrews is of course world famous for its golf courses. So if you are into golf, and specifically the history of the sport, then this is a must see destination.

It is also a great place to go if you love ditching the car and just getting around town on bike for the whole of your holiday. St Andrews has an extensive network of cycling routes that crisscross the town, enabling you to go green for your holiday.

The water is also not far away, so you have lots of choice that is for sure. Why not drive down to West Sands beach and practice a little yachting on the sea. That is an option too!

You will also find a lot power kiting, making use of the wind. Definitely for the daring, but you only live once right!

This destination is always one of the places with the most sun and least rain in Scotland, so that is certainly a big reason to head here for your holiday.

Brighton – East Sussex – A Popular Spot

What a location. Brighton is not only right on the beach but has some great places to visit in the area too!

There’s more than enough to do for anyone too. You could try your hand at the games on the shingle beach. Or you could delve into the ancient history and culture at George IV’s Royal Pavilion. While at the Pavilion, you could also visit the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. They also have lots of events for the family to keep your endlessly entertained, even with the kids

Back down at the beach, they have not only the water itself, but also the world’s oldest operating electric railway. It runs from Palace Pier down to the Brighton Marina. You also have loads of shops, tea rooms and restaurants to visit, or you can just stare at the waves as they roll in. Relax a little! Why not?

So there you have just 3 of the most perfect holiday destinations available to you this summer. So head out into Britain and enjoy your time off!