hugo profileWelcome to the UK Smart Guide.

My name is Hugo and I am a former travel agent here in the Kent, and want to share with you my experience and knowledge about top UK travel tips.

I was born and raised in the United Kingdom in county Kent, which as you might know is located in South East England. Because of my father’s job, I spent many years as a kid growing up traveling around the UK. These were the best years of my life.

After completing high school, I chose to study psychology at University abroad. I was actually offered an exciting place in Germany. And although it was tough at first, having to learn German, I was lucky enough to be tutored by a very gifted professor Ruthard Stachowske (Dresden) who taught me so much about the ins and outs of the profession.

Although I loved my time in Germany, I decided to head back to the UK and landed a job in a Travel Agency in Kent. (I know, not what I studied, but you have to earn money!)

After landing in the United Kingdom, I immediately began to plan a big trip. Something to do before putting my head down and earning some real money after University. During my trip around the country, I made notes on a daily basis. When I finally got back home, my wife loved my work and told me that it shouldn’t wasted. She suggested that I should make a website and share my knowledge. That is what you are seeing now. My experience in the UK traveling.


About The UK

The United Kingdom is a land of many contrasts. You will find a wide range of landscapes and varied cultures in every direction that you choose explore. The four countries that make up the UK consist of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each of these countries has its own culture, customs and tradition.

England is the largest country of the United Kingdom and it’s filled with many places to visit, attractions and accommodation.

Northern Ireland is full of vibrant cities with festivals, shopping centers, fabulous food and outdoor activities.

If you are seeking for a romantic getaway, go to Scotland. This is where you will find Europe’s last wilderness.

On the other hand, Wales is an enthralling land which is filled with pristine beaches, ancient woodland and lofty mountain ranges.


About Traveling in the UK

Travelling in the UK is very interesting, especially during the summer season. Who wants to be constantly wet, after all.

It presents you with an opportunity to have an adventure in addition to seeing the different parts of the world.

Different people travel for different reasons. Many people travel as part of their daily routine. In addition to being very enjoyable, traveling has so much to offer. Your journeys don’t have to be limited to the county that you live in or what you read in magazines and books; the United Kingdom has many exciting places that you can experience on your own terms. And I can be the one to help you enjoy it all

Traveling creates memories that las,t and are cherished forever. There are many advantages of traveling within the UK. Even if you are skeptical.

This website is intended to give you an insight into what it’s like to travel around the UK. There is so much to see here in the UK that is often ignored in favour of a bit of sun in Tenerife or Majorca. But with the right information and accommodation, you can have a grand holiday to remember forever.

So join me in celebrating all that we have here in the UK

See you on the other side!