Amazing Bath – Culture, History and Architecture

roman baths - Bath, SommersetIf you have never visited the south west of England and had the chance to stumble across towns like Bath, then you are certainly missing out on some of the best places in the UK.

Bath is absolutely full of history, a lot of it Roman, and is simply a great place to just stroll around on a sunny afternoon and soak up the atmosphere.

Don’t Miss the Hot Springs

Bath, yes hence the name, is famous for it’s Roman baths that make use of the natural hot springs.

In ancient times these were places where the Romans met and socilalised as well as simply washed. So a kind of two in one.

The baths were popularized in the Georgian times, and have only continued to grow in popularity to what they are today. Albeit for very different reasons.

Architecture To Die For

If you are into architecture, or just seeing historical buildings, then Bath will not disappoint you by any means.

Much of the Georgian architecture is still quite obvious today, and many of the best companies in the area are using these buildings as working offices.

Not only that, but a lot of the accommodation (hotels and B&Bs) are located in these buildings. SO it really is living and breathing history when you go to Bath for a visit.

There really is a great mix of architectural history in Bath with not only the Georgian on display and being used, but also some of the ancient roman history with the Roman Baths being the most obvious of those.

In fact, if you miss the Roman Baths while you are in Bath, then you are missing the point of being there in my opinion. But that is indeed only an opinion.

Word Heritage Bath

Bath is lucky to have a few World Heritage sites on offer when you go there, so don’t miss any of them. One of the others that you will want to visit is the amazing Abbey. It has been World Heritage listed for over 20 years and is quite a stunning piece of architecture.

Historically it was known as The Abbey Church of Saint Peter, Bath, but is today known simply as the Bath Abbey. It is an extremely prominent piece of Gothic architecture and one of the most stunning in the West today.

It can accommodate up to 1,200 people, and is a building that is still used for regular services today.

When you look at it you will probably not notice, but it has undergone a number of restoration projects over the years. But what historical building today has not.

Bath’s Culture

Although Bath is all about the Baths and the history, don’t forget that there is always a lot of cultural things going on in the city. Bath is one of the major places on the cultural scene in the UK today.

There are five theaters in town, which not many places in the world can boast. And this means that a lot of amazing and famous shows are on in Bath at any one time during the year. But during the yearly theatre season, you will be shocked at the choice and calibre of shows on offer.

Then there is organ concerts that take place in the Abbey and the annual Bath International Music Festival that are great attractions in and of themselves.

So I hope I have given you a taste of what is on offer in the south west, in Bath. It is not only an architectural and historical gem, but a cultural one as well. Head on over soon!